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The solution to optimize results in mesolifting
Revitacare® Bio-Revitalisation the solution to optimize results in mesolifting and mesoglow. Formulated like an extemporaneous solution of synergic action and composed of non-reticulated hyaluronic acid of synthetic origin and hight molecular weight and a multivitamin complex

Revitacare® Bio-Revitalisation improves the tone and elasticity of the skin. It achieves a firmer and smoother look a better-hydrated and rejuvenated skin, minimizing the presence of wrinkles.

Revitacare® Bio-Revitalisation fight against skin changes caused by the ageing process as well as intrinsic conditioning factor ( age, gender, estrogen condition ) and extrinsic factor ( sun exposure, wind, contaminated surrounding, drug, smoking, etc.)

The advantages of Revitacare Bio

This solution is highly fluid, it is rapidly and evenly absorbed by the dermis. It has a high purity degree that minimizes the risk of irritation after application.

Treatment protocol

Revitacare Bio-Revitalisation ®is injected manually or with a mesotherapy pistol with a 30-G needle. The area of injection is the superficial dermis by means of microinjections, following the mesolifting or mesoglow concept. The areas to be treated include: the face, neck, cleavage, hand dorsum, internal side of the arms, legs, and periumbililcal area.