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Brow Lift


Coronal Brow Lift or Forehead Lift is often recommended to correct the source of much of the excess upper lid skin; i.e. skin which has fallen from the forehead, weighing down the upper lids. and in fact these wrinkles are best remedied by an adjunctive procedure such as CO2 Laser Resurfacing, or light chemical peel. Often, at least fifty-percent of the apparent problem with the upper eyelids is due to brow sag or brow ptosis. Correcting this component by a Coronal Brow Lift (or by endoscopic brow lift) will also allow release of the muscles causing the "worry lines" just above the nose, as well as smoothing of the major transverse wrinkles of the forehead, caused by chronically animating the forehead to raise the brows to fully open the eyes.