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Aquamid® Reconstruction is a non-resorbable injectable implant in the form of a transparent, hydrophilic gel for soft tissue augmentation. Aquamid® Reconstruction consists of approximately 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide gel. The gel is provided pre-filled in sterile 1 ml syringe sealed with a Luer Lock fitting and it is intended to be injected subcutaneously with a sterile 25G/27G needle. A 3-parted label with the LOT number accompanied each syringe. Attach one label to the patient record to ensure product traceability and optional one at the patient consent form.

Aquamid® Reconstruction is especially designed for reconstructive or aesthetic corrections of the body and the face. Aquamid® Reconstruction can be used to correct aesthetic defects caused by congenital, traumatic or ageing alterations. Aquamid® Reconstruction is intended for use in subcutaneous part of the skin only.

Do not inject Aquamid® Reconstruction around the eyes, eye circle or eyelid, or in the lips. Aquamid® Reconstruction must not be used in the breasts or genital areas.